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Our clinic is dedicated to leading the change in the Healthcare Revolution by offering patients safe and effective treatments that are important to their health care goals. Dr. Miceli recognizes that there are many people in his community that need additional care. They could be suffering because their current healthcare routine may not be enough. He has traveled the country and been trained by some of the top clinicians and researchers. His training allows him to integrate some of the latest healthcare advances into the clinic in order to serve patients in his community in a broader fashion.

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About Us

We view the human body as an organism that contains all the intelligence necessary to run at its peak for a lifetime. It is our understanding that imbalances can occur, which interrupt normal function and can lead to any number of diseases. For Example: higher cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Everyone knows that, but most people do not know that there are many similar imbalances and mechanisms in the body that are commonly overlooked. If these issues go unnoticed, they can cause major health problems. Identification of these imbalances and restoration to normal function are critical to taking control of your health.

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Why More Blood Chemistry Analysis?

You may be saying: “I have already had that.” “It’s been checked already.” What we do is likely different than what you have had in the past. When key nutrients become deficient, many metabolic processes are affected. The body may initially try to compensate for such imbalances. However, if they continue, they may contribute to hormonal issues, metabolic disorders, weaken your organs, etc. The latest scientific research can help to identify a person’s nutritional needs and customize an effective regimen of nutrients.

The cornerstone of an effective health strategy is a nutritional and lifestyle plan that is based on your biochemistry. What your body needs is revealed in your BLOOD TEST! ..Read More


Sugars have come down drastically in the last two weeks. I’ve seen remarkable changes. I thought I was healthy and doing a good job, but not even close.

Before I came here I was on a rollercoaster my blood sugar was running over 200 and I got as low as 18 and was rushed to the hospital. Since I started the program, I have stabilized my blood sugars, they are at a healthy level, I feel more energetic and I have a better outlook on life in general.

I’ve been on the program for about a month. I came in really feeling that my life was falling apart and I have improved just greatly.

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